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You're in good company!

Your team is the beating heart of your company, but all too often your people don't know your people.

Companies need a single place to look up who's who, what they do, and what they've been working on.

Say hello to the Teamlight app.

A beautiful company directory complete with staff journal. A showcase for your people and their great work. Automatically synced to your Google Workspace.

Bring your team together, today.

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What is Teamlight?

Watch our 1-minute video explainer to find out how Teamlight works and why it can help your team.

Why Teamlight?

Know your company

A beautiful, searchable, company directory to find out who's who. Automatically synced with your Google Workspace. No manual gruntwork required.

Know everyone's work

Ask your team regular questions such as What did you work on today? or What are your priorities this week? See everyone's answers at-a-glance in your activity feed.

Ditch unproductive meetings

With a feed of written daily check-ins, those unpopular and unproductive standups and status meetings become a thing of the past.

Happier staff

A team that knows what makes each other tick become stronger and happier. Plus a 5-minute writing ritual at the end of each day is great for the team, and even better for the mind.

A more resilient company

Teamlight gives you a chronological history of everyone's work. People can catch up in minutes after their holiday. New staff get up to speed super-quickly. Colleagues can help unblock you.

A calmer workplace

Catch up with a daily digest in your inbox at 8am. It's a relaxing way to get up to speed with what's been happening over your morning coffee.


We believe Teamlight is an essential utility for productive teams, but we also believe in fair pricing. No per-user plans here. Just a simple, flat monthly fee based on the size of your company.

Teamlight is in public beta so it's FREE for the whole of 2024.

We want people to use it and help shape the final product!


For companies with up to 20 staff.

$49 /month
FREE for 2024 ✨


For companies with up to 100 staff.

$99 /month
FREE for 2024 ✨


For companies with more than 100 staff.

$149 /month
FREE for 2024 ✨

Get Started!

Getting started with Teamlight is super-easy. Connect your Google Workspace account and we'll show you around, each step of the way.